Northumberland Conservatives defend Meals on Wheels

Northumberland Conservatives are lobbying to convince the Lib Dem Administration of Northumberland County Council to scrap plans to end funding for the county Meals on Wheels service. Council funding for Meals on Wheels is set to end this year under budget proposals recently approved by Lib Dem Council bosses. The proposal to scrap the service is included in the Lib Dem budget, which will go to a vote in full council on 23rd February.

Northumberland Conservatives criticise Lib Dem attack on frontline services

The Conservative opposition on Northumberland County Council has criticised the Lib Dem Administration for imposing cuts on North Northumberland to maintain spending in the South East of the county. The full draft council budget for 2011-2012 reveals that North Northumberland is being singled out for a range of grant reductions, extra charges and closures of public assets.

Local campaigner calls for rural fuel concession

Local campaigner Anne-Marie Trevelyan is calling on the Government to press ahead with plans for a discount on fuel sold in rural areas. The Coalition Government is currently in informal discussions with the EU about charging a lower fuel duty in areas where residents are more dependent on cars. This week Anne-Marie is in London lobbying the Government not to be deterred by resistance from European bureaucrats, who must give permission for fuel duties to vary within an EU member state.

Northumberland Conservatives oppose sharing fire service

Northumberland Conservatives are opposing the proposed merger of fire services in Northumberland and Cumbria. The Lib Dem Administration of Northumberland County Council are due to hold exploratory talks over a merger in February. Now Conservative County Councillors have announced that they will oppose any plans that might lead to the closure of local fire stations.

Northumberland Peer slams ‘dagger at the heart of voluntarism’

Local Conservative Peer Lord Vinson of Roddam Dene has criticised CRB checks as a ‘dagger at the heart of voluntarism’ and called for them to be scraped. Legislation currently requires that all adults who teach, train, supervise or care for children or vulnerable adults must register with the Criminal Records Bureau. Speaking in the House of Lords, Lord Vinson criticised CRB legislation as promoting an unhealthy culture of suspicion whilst doing next to nothing to protect children.

Local campaigner criticises Council response to A1 consultation

A Northumberland campaigner has labelled as ‘embarrassing and derisory’ the response of Lib Dem Councillors to a key consultation on the dualling of the A1. Anne-Marie Trevelyan obtained information under the Freedom of Information Act, revealing that the Lib Dem Administration of Northumberland County Council submitted nothing more than a short slide show and seven copies of correspondence. Anne-Marie’s A1 Action Group submitted a lengthy dossier of evidence gathered from hundreds of regional businesses and a wide group of stakeholders. Local MP Sir Alan Beith made no submission of any kind.

Northumberland Peer argues that wind turbines are increasing fuel poverty

Local Conservative Peer Lord Vinson of Roddam Dene has questioned whether subsidies for wind power are contributing to fuel poverty in Northumberland. In August, an energy efficiency study by the Future of Rural Energy England (FREE) identified Berwick-upon-Tweed as having the third worst levels of fuel poverty in the UK. Local campaigns opposing proposals to build wind turbines are being fought across North Northumberland.