Berwick Conservatives

We campaign on behalf of local people and communities across North Northumberland - from Morpeth to Berwick, from Elsdon to Amble - fighting on issues which matter to them.  I believe that Northumberland needs a stronger and more effective voice to fight for better schools, a dualled A1, more economic growth and new housing so that the next generation can stay here to bring up their families as we are lucky enough to be able to do now.  I take all the issues which are raised with me to the local council, central Government & sometimes even to the Prime Minister if we need our voice to be heard.

If you would like to support or get involved with any of my campaigns, please follow the links on the campaigns page.

If you have any issues which you need to raise, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime on 01665 602106 or by email to  I am here to help.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan


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Self-Driving Lorries

Today, the Transport Secretary will announce that platoons of self-driving lorries will be trialed on England’s motorways to improve vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions.

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